99% Uptime Guarantee

We pride ourselves on our service and reliability. So if in any month we provide less than 99.9% uptime that month is on us!


Always Backed Up

We know your data, website and emails are very important to you, so we backup everything every 24 hours. So your in safe hands should the worse ever happen


Friendly & Helpful Support

We have a support team ready to tackle your queries!
Whether it be an issue with your account, email, website or your after a special deal... go on test us!

What's Included...

You will get all this included as standard.


Instant Setup

As soon as you make a successful payment, your web hosting and domain names will be activated immediately. No waiting time whatsoever.


Daily Backups

Your hosting account is backed up every 24 hours as standard. We use dedicated backup servers, providing fast & easy rollback abilities.


GIT/SVN Support

Web Developers love using version control systems. All of our hosting accounts can use GIT & SVN command line tools on our servers. Simply request SSH access to get started.


Compatible Scripts

All our hosting accounts are compatible with popular software such as Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla! and Magento!


Virtualmin Included

All hosting accounts come with access to Virtualmin and Usermin. This makes life easy for you to manage all aspects of your hosting account.


PHP, MySQL & PostgreSQL

All our packages include PHP, MySQL and PostgreSQL as standard. We also implement strict security and firewall rules protecting your website from unwanted visitors 24/7.


Jul 11th 5 New Domain Offers

We Have 5 new Domain Name deals for you this week!

See below:

Expiring 31/7/2016
.eu - £6.79 £2.11
.org - £8.19 £4.09
.video - £20.09 £9.56
.live - £16.26 £9.56
.studio - £16.26 £9.56

Jul 4th 46 New Domain Offers!

We have 46 new domain offers for you this week:Expiring - £3.18Expiring - £2.26Expiring - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - £ - ... Read More »

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